A Mix of Experience

We are proud of the variety and scope of our past projects. Here are a few highlights:

  • Created C-suite experiences as a wraparound projection-space
  • Directed future vision creative in multimedia experience
  • Collaborated with executives on presentation messaging and delivery
  • Provided worldwide support for design narrative presentations for client partners
  • Embedded with teams for product launches across thousands of web properties
  • Built proof-of-concept product interactions to help establish product roadmap goals
  • Constructed an AR experience that provided an exploded view of a product with real-time tracking
  • Reverse-engineered PowerPoint format to programmatically reinforce brand standards for a brand relaunch
  • Led design workshops on quick iterative prototyping with user testing
  • Produced new animation techniques for optimized web deployments
  • Developed new build processes to dramatically streamline production workflows
  • Designed a branded animated character seen in kiosks around the world
  • Generated future vision creative spanning multiple locations and interaction models
  • Built education software that shipped on millions of units
  • Participated in (and won!) many hackathons